Novacom Air Saving Nozzles

The Novacom nozzles utilise a phenomenon called the Coanda Effect to reduce air consumption by up to 80% over a standard nozzle.

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How it Works

Similar to an aircraft wing, the air flow over the curve is at a higher speed and lower pressure (air molecules are spread out). This causes the surrounding air to rush in to fill in the gaps between the molecules. Generating air flows up to 31 times more than an open hole

Air Nozzles


The castellated nozzles are designed for impact, to assist in focusing the compressed air from the supply line and entrained air from the surroundings to a sharper laminar flow of air with the highest force per SCFM. Ideal for blow off applications like liquids or particles.

The smooth Air Nozzles are efficient at converting pressure to flow.In fact, as flow amplifiers, they are actually better for “cooling” as they have less force/CFM, but more flow/CFM than the castellated nozzles. For cooling of parts or creating an air curtain.


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