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Soft Start

Due to large internal clearances and flap valve options, AODD Pumps are commonly used for pumping slurries and solids in suspension. Common examples are ceramic glazes & slips, poultry gizzards, necks & livers, and effluent to name but a few..

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Soft Start

An AODD without good air control, can start at full pressure slamming the diaphragm and plate into the product. The increased resistance at the bottom of the chamber puts an unbalanced load on the diaphragm which can cause early diaphragm failure, worn shaft bushings and even the bending of a shaft or shaft stud. Particularly on larger pumps. For these applications our Soft Start is the solution.


Inside the control box are 2 adjustable valves, the first valve controls the time from start up to allowing full air into the pump, the second controls the air volume. By adjusting the 2 valves we can balance the pump to the application and then close the box to stop these settings being adjusted incorrectly.