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QUANTM is available in a variety of configurations to cater to a wide range of fluid transfer applications. It is designed to be intelligent, user-friendly, cost-efficient, clean, and environmentally sustainable. Our goal was to create a solution that is quieter, lighter, more dependable, and simpler for all team members to upkeep. Choosing QUANTM isn’t just a small advance toward improving your facility – it’s a significant stride into the future.

The fusion of sustainability and profitability

QUANTM electric pump transcends conventional expectations. Its groundbreaking electric motor design is geared towards lowering operational expenses, ensuring continuous production line operation, and meeting increasingly stringent environmental standards. Suitable for a wide range of fluid applications, QUANTM seamlessly replaces existing pump technologies and has the potential to slash energy usage by as much as 80%. Not only is QUANTM more efficient, but it also operates with reduced noise levels.

Secure your financial interests by switching to a QUANTM electric pump.


The QUANTM electric pump by Graco addresses the escalating need for clean energy and sustainable technologies, all while yielding substantial cost savings.


QUANTM Industrial

The future industry doesn’t need to be costly, difficult to master, or a strain on your team. It can instead be intelligent, uncomplicated, eco-friendly, and cost-efficient. Our creation, QUANTM, is engineered to be quieter, lighter, more dependable, and simpler for all members of your team to upkeep. Available in various configurations, QUANTM provides solutions for a wide range of fluid applications. It’s not just a small advancement towards an improved facility – it represents a significant leap into the future.


QUANTM Hygienic

QUANTM is available in various standard sizes tailored for hygienic applications, offering simpler operation, maintenance, and cleaning processes, resulting in significant savings of time typically spent on maintenance and downtime. Moreover, it represents a revolutionary approach to fluid conveyance, serving as the focal point of your cost-reduction strategy, with immediate and evident benefits. By implementing QUANTM, you can expect reduced costs, minimized downtime, and increased productivity.


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