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Pneumatic Batch Counter

The Diaphragm Pumps totally pneumatic batch counter can control any size or brand of AODD (Air Operated Double Diaphragm) Pump, giving accurate batch quantities with a repeatability up to + / -2%

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Batch Counter


Once the desired amount of strokes has been set up on the counter, the pump and line can be filled utilising the prime button on the front panel. After initial prime the pump can be started with the Onbutton. When the batch is completed, the air supply is cut off from the pump and the counter is reset for the next batch. Complete with a twist to re-start Emergency Stop button the unit shown is with optional air filter regulator. DropOut options also available.Connections•Mains Supply Air InA•Exhaust Signal In B•Pump Exhaust OutC •Pump Supply Air OutD